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FAQ & More Information About Our Headrest Monitor Dvd Players


Why Buy from Us:

1. Reputable. EliteAutoSound-Sales, has an excellent customers rating. Please take an opportunity to read our feedback from previous customers and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

2. Exceptional Products. We offer the highest quality products available and the lowest possible prices, and also a full line of accessories to add to our mobile video packages. We've done the hardwork and countless hours searching the available resources to ensure that the products we carry are top quality. We only sell products that we trust and we would use in our own family vehicles.

3. Responsible and trustworthy. Our customer service department answers all emails within 24 hours or the next business day. If you have any questions or comments, please send to EliteAutoSound@aol.com. We will be sure to answer your questions and provide whatever information you need to make an informed decision before purchasing a product.

4. Unbeatable Fast Service and shipping. We stock all items in our USA warehouse, not overseas. Our goal is to ship out all customer orders within 24 hours from NY, USA.



Answers to the most common Questions:


YES: Everything needed to install our headrest dvd monitors is included. Pull out your old headrests & put these in and its plug and play.

YES: You can hook up other a/v equipment into these units with the RCA input/Output jacks.

YES: You can listen to the audio on  IR wireless headphones, with the built-in speakers, or over your cars FM stereo wirelessly as well.

YES: This kit includes both the 32 bit (for the kids) and the 8 bit (for the adults) games.

YES: Our headrests come with both zipper and non zipper models for protection when not in use.

YES: The post adjust from 4.25" to 8.25" apart center to center. Measure your posts to make sure these will fit, then come back and buy them.





Will these headrest fit my vehicle?

If the distance between your factory headrest are between 4.25" - 8.25" our headrest should fit as they are adjustable to those widths.

Can you watch the same movie on both headrest?

Yes, Our headrest can be used individually to watch 2 different movies OR watch the same movie on both headrest Without any messy wires dangling from the front of the headrest.

Are these available in Cloth Material?

At this time, they are only manufactured in the leather material.

When will you ship our package?

We ship your order within 2 business day to ensure that your package arrives as quickly as possible.

How are these Powered?

Our headrest have a simple and standard red/black 2 wire connection. They are a very easy installation and many previous customers have commented on how quick and easy they were able to install the package. Cigarette power adapters can be added as well.

How to fit the headrest DVD players to my vehicle?

You can push the two poles into the ready-made holes at the top of your seat, go through the seats until down beneath the seats, then connect the supplied power cable.

Do you have Expedited Shipping?

Yes, we offer Expedited Shipping options during the checkout process, to anywhere in the country. Simply Choose your Shipping method of your choice during your purchase.