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Wireless Headphones for your Headrest Dvd Players Are A Must Have

Thinking back to when we were kids and our parents mentioned we were going on Vacation. The joy, happiness, and excitement was always short lived when the realization set in that we were going to be stuck in the car for hours and sometimes days. Luckily today, there are many more options to keep our children entertained in the road when traveling such as Headrest Dvd Monitors. Having headrest dvd players in your vehicle can be a god sent gift for you and your children.

Having the ability to watch their favorite movies or play their favorite games makes for a much more enjoyable ride for both you and your children. The headrest dvd player monitors keep your children happy and you can focus on what is really important, Driving safely with no distractions.

  • Headrest DVD player monitors help to keep your children entertained

  • Headrest DVD player monitors help to keep your children busy

  • Headrest DVD players keep their brains occupied 

  • Headrest DVD players expand your child’s imagination

  • Headrest DVD players make that drive time fly by and shorter to your kids 

“No more "Are we there yet"!





Getting back to you being able to drive safely with no distractions brings us to our next, and most important accessory, the wireless headphones for our headrest dvd players. These allow you to enjoy the ride, listen to the radio or have a conversation with your passenger all while the kids listen quietly to their dvds in the back seats.

Are you looking for IR infrared headphones for your flip down monitor or touch screen headrest DVD player monitors? We offer the best Dual channel wireless headphones on the market for our headrest dvd players. The have 2 channels, A & B, so that you can have one child using channel A and the other using channel B with their own headrest dvd player so that there in no inteference between them.

Headrest dvd players, and dual channel wireless headphones are a match made in heaven for you and your family. They go together like Peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, cats and dogs?? OK, you get the point.